social media concept in 7 systematic steps

step 1: plan - goal setting, capacities and budget

pick a goal from the list or find your own goal. this is about knowing what you want to achieve with social media marketing.

You want to know what your target group is saying about your brand.
You want your brand to appear as high as possible in organic search results
You want to extend the reach of your advertising into the long tail of media.
You want to communicate with your target group.
You want to increase brand awareness.
You want to improve customer loyalty.
You want to reallocate your marketing budget to account for changed online habits of your target group.
You want to take your CRM to the next level: social media CRM.
You want to support sales with new lead generation channels.
Your brand needs to be in social media to keep it's progressive image.
You want to improve your marketing ROI.
You want to collect target group data via social media.